Selecting Emergency Power Options For Farms and Ranches

Farms and ranches are, by necessity, located in rural areas. These idyllic locations provide the space and resources needed for tending animals and growing crops, but they have a downside too. Power outages tend to be more frequent in areas away from major population centers and when they do occur they typically last longer. Farmers cannot risk the potential loss of their investment by attempting to survive without heat and electricity. They must do whatever is possible to keep everything running smoothly. Two common methods of backup power production make the most sense and offer the greatest level of protection. Property owners can upgrade to solar power or at least install enough panels for emergency backup. If solar power systems seem too expensive to consider there is also the option of using a generator.

Installing Solar Power

One of the best benefits with solar power is how easy it is to adapt. People can choose to add any number of panels to their property. Farm or ranch owners can use solar energy for their homes only, barns only or to provide power to emergency lighting and heat sources. The panels take up very little room, need little maintenance and it is possible to add additional panels at any time. Installation of the panels can be done on the ground or on a roof.

Purchasing Emergency Generators

A generator is good for homes, hobby farms and larger operations. It is important to shop carefully to ensure the model chosen will provide adequate power when it is needed. A two-pole generator is usually sufficient for a small hobby farm or residence. Larger farms will need a four-pole model. They last longer, are more fuel efficient and produce less noise during operation.

Many farmers choose solar today because it is helping them to rely less on fossil fuels and gives them the potential to eventually go off-grid without having to do all their work by hand. Farmers with newly constructed barns use solar to avoid the expense of installing new utility lines across their property. Many modern innovations make it easy to reduce fossil fuel usage and expense. Visit to learn more about the money, fuel and time saving ideas people throughout the industry are utilizing on their own farms.