Gadgets We Can’t Live Without

Machines and gadgets have reduced human effort, time spent and has also brought mental peace with it. For everything you can think of, there is a machine available for it.

In this article I am going to list down the gadgets that we can’t live without. We are dependent on them, addicted to them and have befriended them. Thank the inventors for making the existence of these gadgets possible and thank god for creating these inventors. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Smart Phones
Touchscreen smartphone
Can you imagine just one day without your cell phone? Without calling, texting, or MMSing, anyone? Okay! If your answer is “Yes I can.”, then let me tell you that, “I don’t believe you”. There are times we all get sick of our constantly ringing phones but then our cell phone is something that we can’t really quit using. Go out without your cell phone and you’ll feel like you’ve ended up in a new city. This happens right? Therefore, this ranks number one on the my list of gadgets we can’t live without.

A cell phone today has everything starting from a camera, music player, camcorder, Facebook, twitter, Google+, temperature teller, song detector, GPS system, several other software and mainly the option of blocking people or calls from those you don’t want to hear from.

2. Laptops/Tablets
Gray laptop
We literally sleep with our laptops. We work on them, watch movies, store pictures, videos, information, access our mails, and social networking sites. Yes, these things are available on cell phones too, but it’s not as comfortable and as convenient as a laptop. The most important point is that we carry our laptops everywhere we go; For presentations in meetings, making projects, burning CD’s, watching videos, research, read books, listen to songs, etc. It’s portable, light and so convenient. It is something we can’t do without.

3. Music Player
Music Player
I can’t do without my music player. I have a million songs and a hundred video’s stored in them. I use it while I am working out in my gym, for my in-house parties, when I go cycling, or walking, or driving. Sometimes I also use it at work, when I am saturated. We all do this, don’t we? A music player is a gadget that we can’t live without it because it has music in it and music is something that takes you to a different world, relieves stress and gets you moving.

4. Video Games
Portable video game console
PlayStations and Xbox-es are said to be boys-toys but they are women’s toys too. Men think that women don’t enjoy video games as much as they do, but they are wrong. We women love playing video games and can spend an entire day doing so. These video games are so realistic that they actually take you into one and make it a realistic experience. It makes you compete, kill, fight, yell and moreover, it gets your adrenaline pumping. It is a must have for everyone. Even if you think you don’t like playing it, just play a game you can relate to once, and you’ll get addicted too.

5. TV
Blank TV screen
After owning a laptop, a cell phone, a music player and a video game, a Television still maintains its position on the list of gadgets we can’t do without. I am talking about the long, sleek HD televisions. Your TV is that gadget which you’ll still prefer to watch a movie with a home theater to get a cinematic effect. Also it is still the first pick for catching up on news, soaps, matches and sitcoms. We may not be watching TV attentively, but even then while you are working on your laptop or eating food we need to have the TV playing.

Spy Gadgets for Kids

The hi-tech spy and surveillance equipment used by the spy kids in the Spy Kids Trilogy drove every kid crazy. Though they knew that every gadget used by Carmen and Juni were just fantasy items, it didn’t stop them from longing for these gizmos. If there are secrets to keep in the world, there are going to be spies who seek these hidden information. Espionage or in simpler terms spying, has certain charm and intrigue that attracts both kids and adults. No wonder, kids love to enact undercover agents who risk their lives to get hold of a secret which is dear to their country or solve a mystery that has left everyone stumped with the help of intriguing clues and cool gadgets. In fact, the gadgets used by a spy are very important to him and can make all the difference in his line of work. So, if you are planning to form a spy group of your own, then you need to collect the most essential spy gear that will aid you in winning these games of spying.

This is the most common and oldest spy gadget that you may need for sending secret messages to your group mates. Whenever you want to call a meeting of your fellow spies or convey some secret information regarding someone or some facts, invisible ink can come to your rescue. To write an invisible message, dip a toothpick or any other sharp object in lemon, milk, white wine, vinegar, apple juice or orange juice and write on the paper. Let it dry completely. To see the message, just hold it in front of a light bulb or candle flame (not too close). The heat of the bulb will make the message appear in brown color. You can also use sweat or saliva to write a secret message. Since, all body fluids are fluorescent by nature, they can be detected under UV light. So, the person who has to read the message should have a UV light source.

This is a very famous war-time method of sending invisible messages. It adds thrill to the whole of game of hiding a secret and protecting it from your foes.

This is a very useful device for a spy when he does the actual spy work. It can be used to peep through the windows and doors without being seen. The periscope is kind of a Z-shaped device that can be made from simple cardboard pieces. However, over the years this device has undergone a few minor changes. They are: central vertically slanting line is straight in a periscope and two mirrors are to be fitted firmly at the two joints where the slanting and horizontal lines meet at the top and at the bottom. The angle of both the mirrors inside the periscope should be exactly 45 degrees, with the reflecting sides facing each other, such that the upper mirror reflects the image, seen from the upper hole, to the lower mirror, which we can see through the lower hole.

Make the periscope as thin as possible so that no one can spot it while you are holding it up. Periscopes are used in submarines to spy on enemies.
Magnifying Glass
Let us step back in time and cherish the mystery solving skills of the bygone days. Forget super-gadgets that tell you the exact location of a suspect through GPS, get hold of a magnifying glass and solve the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ of a puzzling mystery through the old-fashioned way. Put on the garb of the greatest detective ever known – Sherlock Homes and find out where did your father forgot his favorite watch or some other little puzzles of your home and school through good old art of detection.

Magnifying glass provides detail vision of clues left behind by the culprit. More than just cloak and dagger stuff, it takes the diligence of a focused spy to get to end of a otherwise baffling secret. You can also embrace the spirit of an unrelenting spy and find evidences which are hidden in plain sight.

A walkie-talkie set is very essential for a spy to keep in contact with his fellow spies. A ready-made walkie-talkie set is easily available in toy shops or you can make one using plastic or paper cups. The paper/plastic walkie-talkie will work for a limited distance since it is made by attaching the two cups with a single continuous string.

To make this walkie-talkie, make a small hole in both the cups at the bottom and insert a string through it. Pull out the string and make a big enough knot so that it gets stuck in the cup. This is the best spy gadget for teams which will help your fellow spies to communicate with each other. With the help of this device, you can pair up with your partner-in-sleuth and fool your enemies with elaborate schemes.

If you want to carry some object very secretly without letting anyone know, the best place to hide it is in a book. You need a thick book like a dictionary. Keep in mind that the book has to have hardcover. Open one-third of the book and lay it flat on a table. With a sharp knife, cut a rectangular hole in the thicker side of the book. The hole can be as deep as you want. A very thick layer of pages cannot be cut. So, cut out a few pages at a time.
Feel like walking on the footsteps of an old-fashioned spy? Then find a pair of binoculars and get your mission rolling. Carrying a binoculars on the neck comes with the job description of a secret agent. Satisfy your curiosity with a fine binoculars and explore the world around you. These binoculars can also be used for multiple activities like birdwatching, stargazing, fishing, exploring new places, traveling or playing other games like pirates.

Tips to choose the right personal GPS tracker

In the days where technology is making advances by leaps and bounds, GPS tracking system is also making its presence felt around. How the child tracking device has made its entry into our household list of daily gadgets is noteworthy. Basically, a GPS tracker is a location finder device. You can know the whereabouts of the person who is carrying the personal GPS Tracker. This certainly goes a long way in making life comfortable and relaxing as we know the whereabouts of our young or old ones as they venture out on their own.

These days there are a number of tracking devices available in the market. Some with basic features and some with advanced features. Setting out to buy one can land you in a bizarre state of confusion. Our below mentioned guidelines would enable you to make an apt choice from the many available gadgets.

The 7 tips that you should bear in mind before you buy a Personal GPS tracker –

  1. The first thing that you need to identify is what you are going to be tracking … whether it is a fleet of vehicle, equipment, asset or person, etc.
  2. If the place or person using the tracker would not have an internal power source, then you would probably need a device that is battery-powered. Portable battery powered trackers give you more mobility and can be moved across multiple locations.
  3. If you choose a Battery powered device, there will be some point where you would have to retrieve the device to recharge the battery. The major advantage of a battery powered device is that they can be easily deployed anywhere, whether it’s your vehicle or your child’ backpack.
  4. If you are certain that you need to monitor only one vehicle, then the hardwired vehicle tracking system is the best. The hardwired devices get power from your vehicle’s battery. So no more batteries and no hassles of recharging! Simply follow a quick and easy installation and plug them on your vehicle. If you wish to keep a watchful guard on your driver, it can be possible as these trackers can be carefully hidden in the vehicles!
  5. The gadget, especially the child tracking device should be relatively easy to use. Using the device should not require knowledge of rocket science!
  6. Visual effects are always welcomed and they convey information also well. Hence, use of satellite maps would be beneficial if you are tracking a vehicle or person.
  7. Key features that you can look out for –
    1. Speed alerts
    2. Zone alerts
    3. Historical route retrieval
    4. For fleet owners – idle time of vehicle, start and stop timings, routing, vehicle mileage reporting, weather overlays for driver safety, driving report, etc.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable iPhone Repair Center

Apple Inc. is one of the biggest technology company in the world. Its products are very popular and sold widely in huge numbers every year. Although, every Apple products are demanded and sold out massively, but the latest iPhone and iPads have taken the world by storm. Millions of people around the world have become fan of the Apple gadgets. It’s surprising to see how people of all ages have addicted to iPads and iPhones.

But like any other electronic device, iPhones and iPads are too vulnerable to getting damaged or some issues. Problems can be found for hardware to software application. In case, your Apple gadget have any kind of problem, it would be wiser to fix the problem as soon as possible.

If your Apple device is still under warranty period, then it is best to take it to the exclusive Apple store and get it repaired. But, in case the warranty period has expired or your device is experiencing problem that is not under the warranty period, then you may consider getting it repaired at reliable repair center, even if those are not associated to exclusive Apple products.

If you are in Johns Creek, Georgia in the United States of America, there are chances of finding many repair service centers for tablet, mobile or other electronic devices. However, while choosing center, you should be little cautious. Make sure you take some time to do research before selecting any center. You can follow the below tips to find a reliable service center in Johns Creek or any location you are living.

You can check out the reputation of the center to know their reliability. Reputation also tells about the brand loyalty. You can review the service center in the consumer review websites. Feedback of the customers who have experience the service in the past, will help you in taking decision.

You can visit the service center to check the appearance of the shop and the employees who are working there. When you visit the shop, just look around to know if they have all the tools and requirements. Check the skills and knowledge of the employees who are working there. You should also ask the owner or the manager of the shop for the certification of the business. This will help you to know, if they are conducting the business legally or not.

To know more about the location of the iPad repair shop or any other Apple products in your locality, you can research on the internet or ask your dear ones of reference.