Wearable Gadgets

With so many gadgets at our disposal that keep us connected and entertained all the time, there is no doubt that our love for gadgets is unconditional. With an effort to make our lives simpler, gadget creators have come up with a few gadgets you can actually wear and carry them along with you wherever you go. They are cool and definitely will make you stand out in a crowd. These elegant gadgets not only satisfy their objective with their unique features, but also turn into fashion accessories and make a style statement. So, without much ado let’s get an insight of the top 10 wearable gadgets.

Wearable Gadgets to Buy

» 1 Wi-Fi Detecting shirt

The Wi-Fi detector shirt, as the name suggests, detects Wi-Fi signals and allows you to share data too. The glowing bars on the front of the shirt, glow to let you know the signal strength. It is powered by a trio of AAA batteries. Once you are done with sharing data, just slip the batteries out of the pouch and unhook the animated decal. While washing the shirt, peel the decal, unplug the battery pack, remove the ribbon connector behind the decal and gently wash it. Replace all of it after the wash. It will not damage your shirt.

» 2 Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Sometimes, we buy gadgets because they are unique and refreshingly novel. However, this gadget is definitely a rational purchase. The Nike iPod sport kit consists of a sensor, which you have to simply slip under the sock liner and connect it to your iPod. The sensor measures your pace, distance covered, time and calories burned, while you are walking or jogging. It is not necessary to own a pair of Nike shoes only, you could attach the sensor to any pair of shoes by securing a piece of Velcro to the device. So, now you get real-time feedback while you train!

» 3 Fingernail Watch

You might have come across various types of watches; different styles, weird shapes, sizes and different technology, but nothing can beat this unique, innovative technology. Forget wearing a watch on the wrist, Timex has come up with this unique watch that snugly fits on your nail. Thanks to its translucent body and design that allows the watch to smoothly fit on the nail. The text color and glow feature is activated on your command. Since, it is tiny with minimalist design and disposable too, doesn’t cost you much. So, are you ready to wear the time on your nail?

» 4 Interactive Tattoos

It is amazing to know how technology can be infused in our blood, well, literally! Interactive tattoos are implanted beneath the skin, through a small incision. Two tubes of the device are attached to an artery and a vein to allow blood to flow through them. The blood fuel cell in the device converts glucose and oxygen in the blood to electricity. The display of this device is somewhat similar to an inked tattoo (as shown in the picture), however in reality tiny microscopic spheres in the device give it such a glowing effect. It can be turned off and on by pushing a small glowing button on the device. Although it is only a concept till date, but we will soon see its execution. And if you are wondering whether these interactive tattoos could have harmful biological effects. Well, actually they are supposed to alert a person of any health problem (if any), as it continually monitors for blood disorders. Therefore, they probably will be the coolest and safest tattoo ever!

» 5 Solar-powered Jacket

Ermenegildo Zegna’s solar-powered jacket is a brilliant example of fashion fused with technology and above all is environment-friendly. This solar-powered jacket has solar panels attached to the upper sleeves, which harnesses power from the sun and convert it into electrical energy, just enough to charge your cell phone or iPod. The solar battery gets fully charged with 5 hours of direct sunlight. If you think Zegna’s jacket are costly, go in for local manufacturers, who design such jackets, they are cheap and just as effective as the Zenga.

» 6 Lightweight Wrist Phone

Having established a reputation as mobile phone manufactures who dare to explore newer technology, Samsung yet again exhibits its technical prowess by coming out with a wrist phone. It is described as the world’s thinnest touchscreen phone! This wrist phone has Bluetooth, mp3 player, speaker phone, touchscreen and most importantly its ability to sync with your Outlook email! Samsung is not the only company to introduce this technology; the other competitors in this domain include Sony Ericson, LG and Philips. So, now you don’t really have to worry about misplacing or forgetting your phone, because the device is wrapped around your wrist and goes with you wherever you go!

» 7 Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Portable devices have an uncanny tendency to indicate low-battery when you need them the most, right? But, not any more. Thanks to this universal gadget wrist charger, which sits comfortably on your wrist. You can just plug into any compatible electronic device, be it your iPod or your laptop. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a universal port. However, you would have to purchase pins compatible to each of your gadgets (cell phones, mp3 players, gaming systems or laptop), so that your gadgets can be connected with ease into the port. Now, you don’t have to worry about charging your devices, even while traveling for long durations.

» 8 iLogic Sound Hat

Don an iLogic Sound Hat, plug it into your iPod or mp3 player and you will be amazed to experience the sound quality of the integral speakers that fit in correctly just over your ears. These Sound hat do away with the blues of headphone cables and at the same time prevents the cold breeze from entering your ears. Of course there is a cord that enables one to plug it into a standard mp3 player or iPod. However, in case you are not using it, one can tuck it into the lining of the hat. Plug-in and chill out, without being affected by the chill.

» 9 USB Sunglasses

Calvin Klein crafts new sunglasses. What’s new about that? Well, the frame of these specialized sunglasses give way to a 4GB USB drive. Since, the USB drive is nestled into the metallic frame of the glasses, they are not detectable by anyone, except the user and 4 gigs is a lot of space. We must say it indeed is a cool way of fusing fashion and gadgetry. Thumbs up for this piece of innovation.

» 10 USB Heating Gloves

Another unusual wearable gadget is the USB heating gloves. The first impression of these gloves are like any normal gloves, but you will soon realize they have a USB cable which can be fixed into a vacant port in your laptop. These gloves will extract power from the computer’s USB port. After a few minutes the internal heating pads of the gloves warm up and prevent your hands and fingers from freezing. Since, they have an in-built warmth controller, you don’t have to worry about the gloves overheating. Now you don’t have to worry about working in an air-conditioned room or during those chill winters.

From the list of top 10 wearable gadgets, it is clear that man’s endless thirst for technology is not just confined to hand-held gadgets, but have become an integral part of what he wears everyday. Credit must be given to the creators and designers of such wearable gadgets, for combining technology, originality, fashion and portability, all in one device!

Failed Electronic Gadgets

1. The Wearable Computer

The Pomo Wearable Computer was manufactured by Xybernaut in 2002. It was what it sounds like- a computer you can wear. Why would people want to roam around with wires hanging off their heads and limbs, is a good question the company should have asked itself before wasting their money and effort.

2. Zune

This MP3 player was manufactured by Microsoft and the main aim was to ‘kill’ the iPod. It did not even come close to beating the other music player’s popularity as it was ugly, bulky and very expensive. Apart from that, its sound quality was inferior and the music-sharing interface was full of flaws.

3. The Taser Mp3 Player

We all know what a taser is- an electronic device that is usually used by the police to calm down violent criminals but without hurting them. It gives out electric current which prevents the other person from using his muscles. A Taser MP3 player was released in 2008 and it was basically a taster-cum-music player- you could put your favorite tunes into a taser. The company made it in a variety of patterns but nothing could help this bizarre gadget.

4. Apple’s Earbuds

One would think that Steve Jobs would be careful about making sure that the iPod’s earbuds are comfortable and wearable. It’s shocking that they muddle up the sound, fit awkwardly and die out within a short period of time.

5. TwitterPeek

TwitterPeek looks like a smartphone but you can only access Twitter on it and nothing else. Phones today are able enough to allow the user to make calls, send texts, listen to music and use every website in cyber space. So why would anybody want to purchase this gadget? When it was released and its singular feature was made clear, people thought it was a joke but alas, it wasn’t.

6. The Amstrad E-m@iler Telephone

With the help of this useless gadget, you could send emails and make calls at the same time. It was basically a huge telephone with a screen and keyboard. Why would somebody choose an impractical, repulsive-looking gadget over a functioning and attractive mobile phone?

7. Oakley Thump Sunglasses

These sunglasses had a built-in audio player and attached headphones. Sure, it was convenient but not too necessary as far as gadgets are concerned. It is not too difficult to carry sunglasses and an MP3 player at the same time.

8. Wink Glasses

These were meant for those who are addicted to the computer or their play stations. The main purpose of the gadget was to remind the user to keep blinking so that eye strain could be avoided.

9. Squircle

This gadget not only looks odd enough but is apparently meant to be a MP3 player. However, unlike normal music players that have decent memories, this one has a SD card which stores the files instead.

10. The Violet Nabaztag

This plastic bunny was released in 2006. It looks annoying and has a ‘face’ that you just want to break open. You can use it to send messages, music files and also- wait for it, receive them! The ‘best’ part about it is that it will read out everything you happen to come across on the internet.

How the entire thing works

You may have heard somewhat about Apple TV and you might ponder precisely how that works? This gadget is not quite the same as a PVR, on the grounds that it gets to the web. It works in conjunction with your iTunes record, or you can have a few different associations, depending on what you need to see.

Maybe you have a record on a photo sharing site. How does Apple TV work when you need to share pictures? You can associate with your photo sharing site and view the greater part of the photos on your TV in a slide show group, effortlessly permitting everybody in your home to take a gander at the photos together. What an awesome approach to showcase your best pictures! However if you want to know about the best Apple TV alternative then you can consider android TV box set.

You may be just fed up of setting off to your nearby video store to attempt and lease the most recent movie. How does your TV box set work with movies? You have 30 days to see the movie, yet just 48 hours to see the movie once you get to it the first run through. You can without much of a stretch watch the movie a few times over 48 hour duration. Disregard late charges, you don’t need to give back the movie once you have completed the process of watching it.

This minimized gadget fits in the palm of your hand. How does this TV box set work with your PC? You can see any of your media that you have put away on your PC with your box set. The gadget can hold up to 50 hours of movies or media and replay it on your TV with a straightforward association. The gadget accompanies a remote and permits you to see your substance on your HDTV effectively.

Rather than crowding around your modest PC screen, you would all be able to effortlessly spread out in the family room and view photos, movies, YouTube recordings, or Netflix determinations on your TV with your Apple gadget. The gadget does not play DVDs or CDs, but rather it has some stockpiling that permits you to download some substance and perspective it on your TV.

How does Apple TV alternative operates? It is a basic approach to permit you the capacity to see any of the substance you have put away on your PC’s hard drive effortlessly on your HDTV. You additionally have the flexibility to stop, rewind or quick forward through any substance you wish to see. The gadget itself is generally economical, and you won’t have any month to month bills as you would with a PVR.

Gadgets to Help You Lose Weight

Eating after 8 pm should be avoided during weight loss.

Calories are calories, they don’t understand time. It doesn’t matter at what time you eat, what matters is what and how much you eat. However, many diet plans suggest eating before 8 pm because some tend to eat more at night, especially when they have skipped a meal during the day.
The biggest impediment in losing weight is going for a workout. The busy routine, physical and mental stress, and several other commitments — all these keep you from finding time to look after yourself and maintain your fitness. How about trying something at home to shed those extra pounds?

Yes, that’s right! At home and that too in your very own lovely kitchen. Your kitchen gadgets will surely help you lose weight; you just need to have the perception to look at them as your tools for weight loss. It’s time to stop working hard and start working smartly. The otherwise popular gadgets for preparing some mouth-watering and lip-smacking recipes should now be helpful in achieving your weight loss goal. The following article will unravel before you all those ordinary (seeming) cooking utensils and storage containers that will play a major role in your weight loss plan.

This is the first and foremost thing your kitchen should have if you are planning a weight loss program. Rather, every kitchen should be equipped with one kitchen scale. What will the scale do for you? The perfect portion scale will track the calories, cholesterol, fats, carbs, and sugars in the food, tell you what exactly you are eating, and help you make healthier choices. There are several types of portion scales, right from the traditional metal ones to the digital ones in the market. You can pick the best one as per your need.

Oil can be the biggest culprit for many people to gain weight. Normally, we tend to “pour” oil in the pan while cooking some recipe and don’t realize if it’s extra. Instead, how about “spraying” the oil rather than pouring it? If you stop pouring oil freehand and use an oil mister while roasting, frying, or grilling food, you will be consuming very less fat while saving around 120 calories for every tablespoon. Try choosing the reusable misters, which are eco-friendly as well as less expensive than the disposable ones. Additionally, fill the mister with some dried herbs and canola or olive oil, which will enhance the flavor of the food, yet cut out those extra calories.

Not only for losing weight, a vegetable steamer is an all-time favorable equipment to cook healthy and nutritious food. When the food is cooked in the steamer, it doesn’t come in contact with water, and hence, the nutrients of the food are retained till consumption. After raw food, steam cooking takes the second position in being one of the healthiest cooking methods. The steam collected in the steamer allows faster cooking and takes less time for the food to get completely cooked, keeping it tender and tasty. Use of a steamer instead of grill or other cooking equipment that involves more use of oil or fat is always a better choice because of its quality of sealing in all the nutrients in the food and at the same time, keeping it tasty and flavorful.

It goes without saying that if you have measuring cups and spoons in your kitchen you are bound to add the correct amount of ingredients and therefore measure the portions by size and not by weight. This will also make you limit the use of extra fat while preparing a recipe. It is difficult to decide the correct amount of ingredients that will be going into the dish, just by looking at them. Moreover, approximate values, especially of the food items, like peanut butter, salad dressing, nuts and cereals, are pretty deceptive and the greatest contributors to weight gain.